Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa


Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa was 56th Spiritual Teacher of Acharya Nimbarka Spiritual order. He was born on 15th November, 1901 at the village Bhara of Bishnupur Sub-Division under the jurisdiction of the Bankura District. Since his emanation as a saint he was interested to publish several books on India’s Spiritual Heritage with particular reference to Vendantic School. After the foundation of several Kathiababa Ashram at different places of our country, he was actively interested to elaborate his thoughts in several welfare works for the human beings, irrespective of caste, creed & beliefs. In order to fulfill several objectives of Swamiji, foundation stone of this college was laid by him on land donated by Radharaman Mandal & others .He also established a committee and donated funds from his Pranami to initiate the construction of the college building. After several untiring efforts the college buildings were developed by the donations made by his disciples. In 2008, initiatives were taken to create a reserve fund from the donations of Sri Sri Rashbehari Das Kathiababa to the tune of Rs. 10 Lakhs. In 2009 affiliation from the University of Bankura & approval from the Higher Education Council ,Govt. of West Bengal were achieved. Consequently, with the grants received from the State Govt. & other sources  the  college is now in its present position .