The college launched its unit under the National Service Scheme on 10.03.2015. It has been actively engaging the students ever


since. The current Programme Officer is Dr. Soham Pain. Here is a chronological list of major NSS activiities in the college over


the past few years:


 Observation of NSS Day on 24.09.2018


 Observation of National Unity day on 31.10.2018


Observation of AIDS Awareness day on 01.12.2018


Observation of Womens’ day on 08.03.2019


Special Camp organized between 09.03.2019 and 15.03.2019


Blood Donation Camp organized on 14.03.2019


Thalassemia Awareness Event organized on 18.04.2019


International Yoga day on 21.06.2019


Tree Plantation Programme done on 01.07.2019


Snake-bite Safety Awareness Programme organized as part of NSS Day on 24.9.2019


World Womens’ day observed on 08.03.2020


Spit-free India Movement Quiz Contest held on 24.8.2020


Quiz Contest on International Youth day on 12.8.2020


Freedom Run competition organized on 15.08.2020 and 02.10.2020


NSS Day celebrated on 24.9.2020 in online mode


State level Red Ribbon Quiz organized on 01.10.2020


World AIDS Awareness Day celebrated on 01.12.2020


Observation of National Youth Day on 12.1.2021


Quiz Contest held as part of the Annual Celebration of Birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Republic Day on 23.01.2021 and 26.01.2021


World Womens’ day Celebrations held on 08.03.21 in online mode


 Bankura University Quiz Competition held on 24.09.2021


  Blood Donation Camp held on 17.06.2022


 International Yoga Day held on 21.06.2022


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