About Department

Political Science

The department of Political Science of Swami Dhananjoy Das KathiababaMahavidyalaya has been functioning since 2009. The Degree course in Political Science as combination subject was started in 2009. Since its inception, the department of Political Science has striven to set a good quality education in undergraduate Political Science. The department takes pride in having distinguished ex-teacher Mr. Nilanjan Debgharia as a Guest Lecturer.

Within a backward socio-economic rural base, Swami Dhananjoy Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya started its academic journey on and from 3rdAugust, 2009. Most of the students of this department are first generation learners of this caste-dominated rural area.

The students come from middle or low income group. A good number of students also come from tribal areas of Bankura and Purulia Districts. They are mainly well conversant in Bengali, but few of them can speak Hindi well and many of them are not comfortable in English.


3.Facilities available in the Department:

Apart from the college central library, the department is having a library, namely ‘Seminar Library’ for the purpose of the students as well as for the faculty members. The students can borrow books from the departmental library for a stipulated period of time. The departmental library consists of about 22 text and reference books and CENTRAL LIBRARY there are 242 books. The books in the departmental library are mainly purchased from College funds.

A. A roughly sketched diagram -

  1. Department – Special  dept. Are not arranged in this moment.
  2. General Classes – Room – 7, 2.
    1. Departmental Library –  22
    2. Central Library-242

C. Evaluation Methodology -

Through home assignments.

Interactions – inside and outside the classrooms.

Class tests (occasionally)

Unit test (annually) 

Final Test at the end of each academic year.

University Final Examinations. 

From its very beginning the department of Political Science trying very hard to provide all kind of facilities and supports to its students and paying special attention towards regular assessment of their academic progress. For the improvement of the academic performance of the students the faculty members take extra classed even after the test examinations. The teachers of the department provide necessary information regarding higher education and job opportunities time to time individually or through notification in the departmental notice board.

D. Modern teaching methods practiced and use of ICT in teaching learning-

 Still now faculty members of Political Science Department follow the traditional lecture deliver method (chalk and talk method). But, the faculty members are trying their best performance.  Sometimes virtual classrooms are used to teach classes through Power Point.

Last but not least to conclude that, amidst the lockdown situation to combat pandemic during 2020 – 21 approximately around sixty percent of the departmental students were found involved in online E-learning process through Google meet application. The challenge was mainly to the marginalized students of remote villages, surrounding Bishnupur and Patrasayer Block. They faced various types of problems; such as – lack of money to purchase -

Android Phone, lack of knowledge for E-learning, poor connectivity, hindrances originated from conservative culture of their vulnerable family, curious neighbours etc. Although, still now there is only one way to go i.e. online learning and the department is confident to cope up with the new method as because -    

  1. Our strength is dedicated faculty members.
  2. Socially relevant courses and activities, particularly for engagement of the students in socio-political studies.
  3. Healthy Teacher-Student relationship.
  4. Avenues for free academic discourse between teachers and students.
  5. Faculty members enrich themselves by participating in different Webinars. 
  6. Online access to enriched Central Library.
  7. Our utmost preference is teaching  - learning and evaluation.