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(Fostering Change and Equality)


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Women's Cell Activities at Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyala has a deep impact on students life primarily for girls students.The role of our educational institution in fostering gender equality and women's empowerment. Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya, a distinguished institution known for its commitment to holistic education, has taken substantial strides in this direction through its proactive Women's Cell.  Women's Cell of our Mahavidyalaya designed to ensure women's empowerment within the Mahavidyala

Composition of Women Cell :         

1. Dr.Kakali Ghosh Sengupta (Principal)

2. Dr. Mahuya Bandopadhyay (Convenor)

3.Rafia Sultana Molla (Asst. Prof.) 

4.Sanghita Banerjee (Asst. Prof.)

5.Tanusree Roy Nandi (SACT 2)

The Women's Cell at Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya operates with the primary objective of creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all female students, faculty, and staff members. It functions as a platform that not only addresses gender-related concerns but also promotes awareness, and leadership among women.Every year we successfully celebrate Women's Day with students and staff members and also our Women's Cell organizes workshops and seminars on pertinent topics such as gender sensitization, self-defense, and career development. These events provide a forum for open discussions, where participants can exchange ideas, voice their opinions, and learn from experts in various fields. By fostering dialogue and knowledge-sharing, the Women's Cell contributes to a more informed and empowered female community within the Mahavidyalaya.

Furthermore, the Cell actively collaborates with NSS working towards women's welfare. This partnership enables the Mahavidyalaya to extend its impact beyond campus boundaries, reaching out to marginalized women in surrounding areas. By conducting health camps and awareness campaigns, the Women's Cell instills a sense of self-reliance and confidence among women from diverse backgrounds.

To address concerns related to gender-based violence and harassment, the Women's Cell has established a robust support system. It offers counseling services and a confidential space where individuals can seek guidance without fear of judgment. Additionally, the Cell works closely with the Mahavidyalaya's internal grievance redressal committee to ensure swift and fair action in case of any reported incidents.In the spirit of fostering leadership and skill development, our Women's Cell organizes leadership workshops and mentorship programs sessions.By creating opportunities for women to realize their potentiality, the Cell contributes significantly to the overall empowerment of its female members.

 The Women's Cell at  Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya stands as a beacon of women's empowerment through its multifaceted activities. By embracing the principles of gender equality and awareness. As  Swami Dhananjay Das Kathiababa Mahavidyalaya continues to nurture a generation of empowered women, the Women's Cell remains a cornerstone of its progressive educational framework.