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Educational Tour Notice 2022 II    28/11/2022
SVEEP CELL    26/11/2022
Academic Audit Notice    25/11/2022
Tour Notice 2022    24/11/2022
Library Notice    22/11/2022
1 Sem. Registration and Enrolment    22/11/2022
Notice for 3rd &5th sem Enrollment Form fillup (With late fine)    16/11/2022
Scholarship 2022 2nd    16/03/2022
Holiday Notice Kathiababa Utsab    12/11/2022
Career Counselling Notice 2022    11/11/2022

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Tender Notice

Quotation tender for I Card,Library card,Notice Book 16/09/2022
Quotation for Printer,UPS and SSD 13/09/2022
Quotation Tender for KOHA Software 07/09/2022
Quotation for College Letter Head 29/03/2022
Quotation for IQAC Desktop and Printer 18/02/2022
Quotation for Bookshelf 01/02/2022
Quotation for Desktop and Printer: PEDG Dept 28/10/2021
Quotation Tender for Epson Printer 15/12/2020
Quotation Tender for Desktop 15/12/2020

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