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Bku exam notification 29/07/2021
Intake Capacity of 2021-22 28/07/2021
Online Admission 2122-1 22/07/2021
Ultorathajatra Notice 2021 19/07/2021
Rathajatra Notice 11/07/2021
Student Credit Card Related Notice 01/07/2021
Notice for National Doctors'Day 30/06/2021
Oasis Scholarship Notice 23/06/2021
Internal Assessment Notice 21/06/2021

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Tender Notice

Quotation Tender for Desktop & Printer 13/03/2021
Quotation Tender for Epson Printer 15/12/2020
Quotation Tender for Desktop 15/12/2020
Quotation Tender for Laptop 15/12/2020
Quotation for I Card 15/12/2020
Quotation Tender for Antivirus 15/12/2020
Tender Notice for Shed 08/09/2020
Quotation Tender for High Low Bench 14/02/2020
Quotation Tender for CCTV Installation 11/02/2020
Quotation Tender for Almirah Purchase 11/02/2020

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