About Department

Geography department

Geography department is one of the mostdynamic department of our college. This department is always overflowing with lively voices of young promising students. It started journey with introduction of pass course since 2011-2012 academic session under the University of Burdwan. Honours course was introduced on 2012 academic session under this university. At first one guest lecturers was appointed to conduct the classes. Then three guest lecturer were joined step by step. Full time faculty came on March 2015. There is one guest lab attendant who serve the departmental work as per requirement. One post of full time faculty not yet sanctioned since 2009.


Result of this department in university exam both BU and BKU (since 2017 this college runs under rules and regulations of BKU) is praiseworthy. Our students have obtained high grade and distinction in spite of paucity of teaching staff and other infrastructural facilities.